David Greenberg (Author)

David has written illustrated, humorous picture books from Bantam, Little Brown, Farrar Straus Giroux, and Dutton (which has also published his first novel).

  • Slugs
  • Bugs!
  • Skunks!
  • Snakes!
  • Whatever Happened to Humpty Dumpty?
  • The Great School Lunch Rebellion
  • Your Dog Might be a Werewolf, Your Toes Could All Explode
  • The Book of Boys for Girls — The Book of Girls for Boys
  • Don't Forget Your Etiquette: The Essential Guide to Misbehavior
  • Crocs!
  • A Tugging String (Greenberg's first novel about Dr. Martin Luther King's 1965 Selma-Montgomery Voting Rights March)
  • Enchanted Lions
  • Super Silly School Poems

His book, A Tugging String, is winner of the Oregon Spirit Award. The Great School Lunch Rebellion is winner of a Children's Choice Award.

Although he has written a novel, David specializes in picture books and sub-specializes in poetry. His books have been translated into French and Korean. He has taught at Portland State University, Lewis & Clark College, and The University of Idaho, among others. He speaks nationally to teachers on writing instruction and visits many schools nationwide to present assemblies and writing workshops.

If you wish to contact him personally, his e-mail address is authilus@teleport.com

You can find out more about David at his website.