Brett Wright (Editor)

Brett has been with Bloomsbury for five years and works on children’s books for all ages, from picture books through YA. He’s worked with authors and illustrators such as E. D. Baker, Nikki Grimes, Jennifer Brown, Brett Helquist, Sarah Crossan, W. C. Mack, Maryann Macdonald, Trish Doller, and many more. Brett is looking for character-driven stories with fresh, original voices and irresistible hooks. In particular, he is searching for humorous and interactive picture books; commercial chapter book series; funny and heartwarming middle-grade for both boys and girls, as well as stories with literary appeal; and contemporary YA that nails the contemporary teen experience. He is especially interested in LGBTQIA stories across all ages, as well as books with diverse and multicultural characters and narratives.