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It is the best in the Northwest - no, in the United States - no, probably in the world. No rough edges. The staff gave gentle suggestions. Outside the class setting, the faculty was open, warm, and on an equal human footing. The participants all connected. Although we were at so many levels, there was a healthy support system and no competition.
— Cheryl Willis

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Unique, stimulating, very informative, head spinning, hopeful now, comments kind but helpful. It was well beyond my expectations in a very positive, helpful, and technical way. Handouts invaluable.
— Marlene LoTurco
Excellent. The variety of perspectives and lectures supported my writing in ways I didn’t know I needed! Each instructor gave valuable insights and excellent feedback — answered the questions I had. It was OUTSTANDING!
— Dana Buttler
Wow! Great combination of information, inspiration, and feeling warm and safe in the company of writers. The course was all I hoped it would be. The instructors were extraordinary. They made a great team in their responses to the First Pages. What a great idea to have them all participating in the feedback.
— Kathy Karas
The course exceeded my expectations. I learned so much from the critiques of others’ first pages. My stories have already improved from the informative lectures and clear feedback during the one-on-one sessions. The instructors were Fabulous! Wonderful!
— Deirdre Gainor
Excellent staff and the first page comments showed the vast spectrum of knowledge and experience. The beachside was incredible!
I loved it. The course was wonderful. The instructors were well-informed, and generous about sharing information. I thought the location was wonderful.
This course is WONDERFUL! The instructors are knowledgeable, positive, approachable, smart & warm. The location is inspiring... The course met and exceeded my expectations.
— Stephanie Barden
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was delighted by the entire course.
— Norm Miller
My thoughts were that this course would revitalize my writing. It had been 6+ years since I last wrote a story. IT DID. I had a great time and felt that I have improved as a children’s writer... The mix of authors and editors and agents was fantastic.
— Ronald Stering
Met my expectations and beyond! Too many strengths to list!! The location of the cute, quaint town is fabulous, gets the writing juices flowing!
— Marcia Sielski O’Grady
 2013 OCCBWW Group Photo

2013 OCCBWW Group Photo

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I keep coming back. You must be doing something right. Year to year my personal expectations change and have always been met. There is a good balance between encouragement and practical, realistic critique. There is something here for everyone. The course works for new writers taking that enormous first step, but it also works for those working to get published.
— Mark Patton
My expectations were met (and they were high!)
— Susan Novich
A+. This year was the best ever! I have been here several times. They have all been great. But they shot the moon this year!
— Pam Pirtle
I have never attended this kind of workshop before. I didn’t know what to expect — It was so good. The speakers were spot on. There was a natural synergistic flow of energy between the instructors. You got the feeling they liked and respected each other. They had a ‘what can I do help’ attitude.
— Katie Fitzgerald
The first-page critiques are supremely valuable. The one-on-one time with authors plus agents/editors is an incredible advantage to this course. I’d consider attending again for this alone. I leave this workshop energized and excited to keep writing. Again, I cannot overstate the value of meeting one-one-on with authors agents, and editors.
— Amy Korst
This course completely changed my view of how to write a children’s book. It was a real eye-opener! Although this may sound corny, it was a life changing experience
— Lynette Vargyas-Buchser
A great week!
— Gene Bradbury
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Excellent, engaging, dynamic. Very nice pace — my head went from open to entranced to hair blown back many times this week. What a wealth of information and feedback. I was thrilled at the quality and depth of information presented. Loved the daily consults — 20 minutes!! Priceless.
— Kristin Martin
It was a great week! Perfect blend of fun, work, listening, writing, laughing. I felt challenged, inspired and only slightly terrified! Instructors were great — casual, friendly and knowledgeable. Snacks were great!
— Meghan Howcroft
I have been to SCBWI conferences. Certainly worthwhile, but very large and little or any 1-on-1 time. To have the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with published writers, editors and an agent was amazing. It inspired me to write more than I would have thought possible in such a short period of time... not much sleep, but feelings of accomplishment!! I was blown away by the experience.
— Pamela Heck
The best workshop I have ever attended regardless of genre.
— John Lovitt