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"Totally brilliant. The course surpassed my expectations. Inspiring, encouraging, amazing, interesting, friendly, happy, delightful so many tools to improve the craft and this adventure I have embarked on." 

-Tone Fokstuen OCCBWW 2016



This is an intensive workshop for those who are not only passionate about children's book writing, but who dream of getting published. Getting attendees published is the end goal. (Over half-a-dozen of our students have published their first books! Others have signed with our agent and editor instructors.) The course is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced writers. It consists of presentations by eight full-time instructors, gobs of writing, group manuscript sharing, and intensive consults with instructors. The instructors are five professional children's book authors, one children's book editors from major publishing houses, and a full-time children's book agent. 

What makes this course distinctive is the enormous amount of one-on-one coaching from the instructors, far, far more than from any other course we're aware of. The teacher-student ratio will be one to seven (or less). This means that students can have at least one major manuscript consult per day, and possibly more.

Course Structure

Hours: Six hours and fifteen minutes a day, 9:00 am-12:00 pm, 1:15 pm-4:30 pm. Between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, Tuesday through Friday, there is optional, informal class time in which students can write, share, and consult with instructors.

Guest Lecturer: There will be at least one guest lecturer, an established children's book author who is an expert on writing and the children's book world.

Evening Presentations: On Tuesday and Wednesday night of the course, class authors-instructors will present.

Pre-Workshop Manuscript Review: Those who wish may submit a manuscript of picture book length or up to five pages from a larger work. Instructors will read it before class begins giving them a running start with you from day one.

Morning "Before-Class" Consults: Every morning, before class officially starts, between 8:00am-9:00am, most instructors will be available for informal consults (at no additional charge).

Out-Of-Class Consults: If you wish, several instructors (not necessarily all) will be available for 60 minute manuscript consults, outside of class hours, for a fee of $115. We will distribute information about which instructors are available several months before class starts.

"This workshop blew all my expectations away! Even my dream scenario for a children’s writing workshop did not come close to what this workshop delivered."

-Elaine Gencarelli OCCBWW 2016


cost + Credits

Cost (without graduate credit): $869

Graduate Credit Available from University of the Pacific: Up to three graduate level credits @ $62 per credit. Some additional course work required. Call 1-800-479-1995 for further details. Please see the information in the paragraph below titled "University Semester Credit Option".

Semester hours, from University of the Pacific, Center for Professional and Continuing Education. $62 per credit. Acceptable to most participants, including many on district funding or release time, as credit is awarded for additional, "Teacher-Friendly" follow-up activities. For Graduate Professional Development participants NOT pursuing an advanced degree at UOP. Enroll at the seminar. For other credit questions ONLY, call  (800) 479-1995.

"The course met my expectations and then went beyond. I didn't expect so much individual attention. It was invaluable."

-Paisley Schade OCCBWW 2016

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel at any time up to six weeks before the class and receive a full refund of your registration (minus a processing charge of $65). Between six weeks and three weeks before the class there is a 50% refund (minus a processing charge of $65). And within three weeks of the class no refund is available.


"A Master's course, in a matter of 5 days. Learned a lot. Loved it!"

-Rebecca Hamm OCCBWW 2016

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